Spa Pedicure Chairs Layton Spa Chairs
Spa Pedicure Chairs Layton Spa Chairs
Spa Pedicure Chairs Layton Spa Chairs
Be prepared for your pedicure chairs.
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Layton Pedicure Spa Chairs

Layton is very popular.

Spa Chairs Layton

Inspecting is an art. Most pedicure chairs to Layton nowadays are either fiberglass, crystal or glass. The most logical thing to do is check your glass or crystal bowl for cracks during shipment. Purchasing decisions usually don’t sway much based on shipping. The pedicure chairs only have to be shipped once and the manufacturers are experienced in shipping the glass and crystal options. If there is a box puncture, you may want to check the upholstery for a tear. Obvious damage to pallets can also tell stories of falling off a truck. Very rarely will plugs be loose. Many times plugs are not fastened and need to be plugged in before use. There is a power strip located on the inside of each chair which must be switched to on. Surge protection for your protection. Questions about your purchase? Call anytime.

Normal bowls are packaged well.

Box puncture can mean possible tear in fabric

Spa Pedicure Chairs Layton Spa Chairs

Gulfstream Chi Pedicure Chair

Wood Crested Fiberglass Option. Made in Canada.

Inspect with our provided sheet

Pallet damage please note
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