Spa Pedicure Chairs Lehi Spa Chairs
Spa Pedicure Chairs Lehi Spa Chairs
Spa Pedicure Chairs Lehi Spa Chairs
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Lehi Pedicure Spa Chairs

Shipping Spa Chairs to Lehi.

Spa Chairs Lehi

All pedicure chairs to Lehi come from the south. Your pedicure chairs will be shipped to Salt Lake City first before being transferred to your salon. Your salon needs to focus on the extra day layover for timing purposes. Every day can be crucial when waiting on equipment. The normal trucking routes are LA, Dallas or Denver. Salon equipment can come as far as NY and TPA. We love utilizing all major manufacturers to build your perfect salon layout; however it can be a pain. Take the time to discuss consolidating and compromising on certain parts of your want list. This will save on some shipping as routes can be cut down. Regardless, you are getting the best service possible from one of the longest standing distributors in the USA. We sell the best models because we want an easy salon experience for you. Listen, learn, buy, install and relax with Pedicure Spa Superstore.

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Spa Pedicure Chairs Lehi Spa Chairs

Gulfstream La Fleur 4 Pedicure Chair

Canada’s Newest Model High Volume Pedicure Chair.

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