Spa Pedicure Chairs Bellingham Spa Chairs
Spa Pedicure Chairs Bellingham Spa Chairs
Spa Pedicure Chairs Bellingham Spa Chairs
For questions about pedicure chair plumbing call.
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Bellingham Pedicure Spa Chairs

Aftermarket vs Factory Installed is a Big Difference.

Spa Chairs Bellingham

Options are flexible on your choice of pedicure chairs. Bellingham is a good distance but we can ship to you. However, you may want to ensure that your pedicure chair plumbing option is chosen correctly. There is only 2 options which include normal and discharge pump. For normal salons, your waste goes in the ground. There are pipes that dispose of the waste water. In a discharge pump situation, the waste water has to be pushed away from your pedicure chairs. To add the discharge pump later is a big headache. Headache, headache, headache means void your warranty. Means drill a hole in your pedicure chair. Means adding additional electric. It is possible but not suggested. We will help you via live video as needed if you purchased your spa from us. Call today.

Be aware of your pedicure chair plumbing.

Waste water is regulated

Spa Pedicure Chairs Bellingham Spa Chairs

Gulfstream Paris II Double Bench Pedicure Chair

Paris Pedicure Bench with Handle Faucet.

Conversions are a headache.

Conversions void your warranty.
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